The Team

Meet the people behind the products!

Mona is the creator of Just Ausome, she fulfils all of your orders, answers your questions, and parents 3 autistic children!
Daniel is our Tech Supporter, a keen learner with an eye for aesthetic! He helps design the Just Ausome website, send emails, and fix any problems with the shop. He's learning along the way, alongside an art diploma (soon to be fine art degree), but refuses to let the website demons win!
Adam is our graphic designer! Adam is 18 years old self taught graphics designer who has autism due to a rare chromosome disorder. He isn't allowing his difficulties to beat his dream of being a graphics designer full time once he leaves college!

Ausome Ambassadors

Jamie is an autistic teen, dedicated Just Ausome fan and works hard alongside our partner company Chewigem!
Sophie is a true Ausome fan, who is non-verbal, but communicates via her communication device impressively!
Morgan is an avid trainspotter, fan of green, and has a huge heart!
Riko has Pathological Demand Avoidance, an Autism Spectrum Condition, and is a mum of 3! She runs a Facebook page about her life with PDA, is a huge fan of Just Ausome, and loves to read!
Tom/Autistic Genius
Tom has Asperger's Syndrome, and runs a YouTube channel about life as an autistic guy! He's a husband, father, and all round nice guy!
Jayden/An Autistic View
Jayden is an autistic YouTuber/Instagram blogger who also campaigns for mental health and its services! He has a huge heart and loves Just Ausome!
Alfie is 9 years old with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. His favourite things to do are build Lego with mummy and take care of his animals. He has baby chicks, 2 gerbils, 3 cats and a dog! He loves spending time with his family but most of all his mum! He is also crazy about YouTube and coding. 
Hi I’m Brooke. I’m 11 years old. I enjoy swimming, singing, Strictly Come Dancing, cuppas and Pringles. I love spending time with my family and finding out lots of facts about people. My mum and I love Just Ausome
Eliza is 9 years old and loves games where she can create and change worlds like Super Mario Maker and Minecraft but she's also in to sequin cushions and unicorns. One of her biggest loves is reading
Hi I’m Rory, I’m 14 and have autism and mental health things. I am passionate about raising awareness for both and strive to live in a world of equality regardless of race, sexuality or disability.